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You can’t change the world when you’re running on empty

Business coaching that galvanizes nonprofit teams and the people who lead them.

Plan with clarity

Lead with conviction

Serve with commitment

Nonprofit leadership just hits different.

Nonprofit leadership comes with a special weight and significance. The stakes are high because the mission is important. If you’re wrestling with distracted volunteers, lapsed donors, or a lack of direction, you don’t have to do this alone. 

Let’s lift the burden together and go on a journey that clarifies the path forward, reenergizes your team, and helps you recapture that deeper sense of meaning that comes with your calling.

How you lead today will determine the success of your organization tomorrow

Develop laser-like focus
Follow our daily goal and task system to “own” each day with confidence.

Align everyone around a shared mission and vision
Build programs that excite your staff and deliver outcomes that inspire your board.

Eradicate mediocrity
Instill the importance of excellence and elevate your culture.

Without a plan…

nonprofit leadership quickly becomes all-consuming

For 30 years, I simply struggled to get it all done. As a nonprofit leader, I was often required to manage a growing team or new initiative. That feeling of needing to achieve or perform, all while still being present at home, is hard to reconcile. 

After a late-night board meeting, I realized that most nonprofit leaders are tethered to a mission that has exhausted their hearts, emptied their passion, and extinguished their joy. That was the moment I knew my next chapter would include helping other nonprofit leaders find a better path forward, too. 



Here’s how we can serve you:

Leadership Design Assessment

Understand your heroic leadership style with a 10-minute assessment for clarity and confidence.


  • • Working Genius Assessment
  • • Comprehensive action steps to define and crush your goals
  • • Team assessments available separately

Coaching Essentials

Transform your life and leadership with a 90-day coaching package for intentional living.

$635 / mo.

  • • 6 bi-weekly one-hour sessions
  • • Develop a system to achieve key goals
  • • Renewed balance & focused decision-making

Team Coaching

Enhance team collaboration and mission alignment with tailored team coaching for nonprofits. (Pricing is for five team leads)


  • • Customized retreat or in-office planning day
  • • Focus on individual strengths and team dynamics
  • • Deepened awareness of unique heroic identities

Here’s how our partnership can work…

Schedule a Free Discovery Session

We’ll chat through  your unique goals, needs, and how our team can help you change the world and avoid running on empty.

Receive your Heroic Playbook

You’ll receive suggested transformational paths in a Heroic Playbook that helps you, your team and your organization achieve its goals with clearly defined outcomes.

Live Heroically

All our coaching clients design their plan for living with purpose and joy! With your growth, you can now watch your entire team change the world and operate with clarity, commitment, and conviction.

What others are saying…

  • I would highly recommend Ken to any organization…

    “​​Ken is an incredibly gifted individual. He is a wonderful communicator and has a keen ability to clearly articulate his thoughts. Rarely will you find an individual who is more likable than Ken. His humor as well as his business acumen makes him a wonderful leader. I would highly recommend Ken to any organization.”
    – B. Phillips, Assistant to the President // Focus on the Family
  • My leadership has grown…

    “My leadership journey and growth continues to grow because of my time with you. I am grateful that you are in my corner and that you continue to help me grow.”
    – M. Harris, VP of Partner Development // World Venture
  • You make me a better leader…

    “Ken you are a blessing to anybody that hires you! You coach me weekly and I am a better leader because of your partnership.”
    – J.D. Dahler, Director of Development // Save the Storks

    Stop running on empty while striving to change the world.

    Too many nonprofit leaders are worried and worn out.

    The future of your mission rests on the choices you make today. Let’s set you and your team up to lead with greater confidence, conviction and commitment.

    FREE Nonprofit Assessment

    Know exactly where to focus to make the greatest impact

    The most successful organizations realize they are businesses built to make an impact. Take this quick assessment and discover your nonprofit’s operational strengths and weaknesses.