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Nonpofit “Business” Coaching

Designed specifically with nonprofit leaders in mind

As your coach, our goal is to help you exchange your list of things you’ve considered trying for a proven plan to follow.

Kenergy Shot / Coaching Subscription


Trying to discover the heroic skills needed to lead well can be exhausting. Doing it on your own can only get you so far. At some point, we all need an outside perspective to help us get to the next level. In a word, we can be your guide. This heroic coaching package is simple, allowing you to schedule the time and rhythm that will guide you to the next level of your leadership transformation. It’s your membership, schedule one hour a month as you need it.

  • Coaching done on your time and pace
  • Includes free Working Genius Assessment
  • Consistent actionable plan with monthly goals

Leadership Design Assessment

  • Join the heroic community with a tailored leadership assessment that helps clarify your heroic design and allows you the confidence to move forward with clarity and conviction. (Assessment takes only 10 minutes!)
  • For an initial fee of $99 you receive a free Working Genius Assessment and a comprehensive leadership idenity design. (Leadership team assessments available for a separate price.)

Coaching Essentials


Are you ready to live with intentionality? This 90 day coaching package improves the quality of your life and distills your leadership journey into actionable results you truly want to achieve.

  • You will develop a proven system to more effectively achieve your most important goals and create laser-like focus.
  • Enjoy renewed balance and understanding – the dream many leaders strive for.
  • Understand your heroic journey will offer you the necessary foundation for making consistent principled decisions with purpose and passion!
  • 6 coaching sessions meeting bi-weekly for one hour. Suggested pricing plan begins at $635/month.

Team Coaching


So many leaders are made better when your team is working together. This is never more true than for your nonprofit leadership team. With a comprehensive approach to individual giftings and team dynamics, this unique format can be tailored to offer a retreat experience or an in-office planning day. No matter the location, the results establish new understanding, greater effectiveness and mission alignment, a powerful system to determine strategic growth and culture focus – all while having a ton of fun!

  • Each leader leaves with a deepened awareness of their unique heroic identity and how together your team can set the course for lasting impact!
  • For a team of five, suggested pricing plans begin at $3,480.

Fractional COO Service

Suggested pricing based on outcomes. Minimum 6 month contract.

Every nonprofit needs the strategic and managerial expertise of an effective COO. A confident #2 – one looking to supplement your founder or executive director. But what about yours? 

You can – and it’s time!

Kenergy Coaching specializes in select engagements with nonprofits that are scaling and need extra leadership and strategic assistance to reach that next pinnacle of impact and growth. And it doesn’t need to be full-time.

  • Increasing number of donors and or programmatic outcomes that require experinced leadership.
  • Strategic Planning is needed to develop policies and procedures that can establish sustainability.
  • You are the original founder who may simply need a mentor; someone who has your back while not needing to share the limelight.
  • You have a never ending set of pressing projects that need attention.